Transportation Solutions

We are a Transportation Agency of goods by road, both National and International. We adapt to the needs of our customers to provide the best solution in terms of transport of all types of products in a personalized, efficient form and with competitive prices.

We are specialized in temperature controlled transport of fruit and vegetable products. 

Our customers trust us to keep their dynamic businesses running 24 hours a day, delivering the right goods at the right time and at the right temperature.   


We manage the transportation nationwide of all types of cargo from anywhere in Spain. We offer different services depending on your transportation needs:

Full load

This type of transport is characterized in that a vehicle only transports the goods from a single customer to a destination and the load occupies the maximum possible space of the vehicle. Its main advantages are:

  • Better cost, since there is only one place of loading and delivery and you can save on other processes.
  • Greater security when reducing handling processes, etc.
  • Greater accuracy to predict shipment times and delivery times.
  • Greater speed, since it goes directly from source to destination avoiding other types of stops or processes.

Fractional or groupage load

The loads of different clients are grouped, obtaining a series of benefits, especially for those small companies that want to export their products. These are some of the advantages of this type of transport:

  • Saving for the optimization of the space of load of several companies, what allows also save in costs of logistics.
  • Flexibility due to the greater ability to adapt to last-minute changes such as expanding or reducing the load to be transported.
  • Preservation of the environment, since sharing means of transport between several companies, there are less polluting emissions to the environment.


    We also manage the international transport of all types of cargoes and to any point in Europe, planning each route in a personalized way. As for the type of transport, as in the national scope, it can be either full load or fractional load.


    As experts in temperature controlled transport, we put at your disposal a fleet of adapted vehicles so that your products reach their destination in excellent condition, just as they left their origin, fulfilling their expectations to the fullest. Ideal for the horticultural sector.